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a word of caution on Biblical Gender Roles

Across facebook and social media there is a furor — a hatred — a chagrin. But people are angry over nothing. Nothing but a troll account. It began a few years ago with the publication of a new website, biblicalgenderroles.com. This site is littered with promotion of spousal rape, spiritual and physical abuse, and the caricatures of Christian masculinity. But, it is fake. It is run by a non-Christian who is a biblical studies scholar. A few weeks ago, a long-standing presence on Facebook (Matt Perkins), was outed as this scholar. If you cannot see this link, I am sorry.

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recent sermon at Thornville UMC

This was delivered, not precisely as below (but when you are talking…), at Thornville United Methodist Church, 17 Oct 2015. I’ve not edited much.  I used to collect bibles. In some ways, I guess, I still do, but anymore, they are usually electronic. However, when I did, there were a few I cherished. I liked the Cambridge bible, made with real leather, fine India paper, and art-gilded edges. This one you see before you is the Cambridge KJV but like the original KJV, it includes the Apocrypha. It has two ribbons, lots of cross references, and some other useful

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My interview with Alex Tsakiris on the Skeptiko podcast

Biblical Scholar Joel Watts looks at what Christians don’t know about Christianity. Source: What divides Christians and non-believers |290|

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kickstarter campaign for a young Christian movie director

Hi Folks I work for a christian national radio/tv station in New Zealand, and one of our talented staff is raising money to make a movie. He has one week to go and needs about $5000NZD (USD$3000 approx) more to buy the equipment he needs. He will be doing this in his spare time, but has already done a few films in a similar vein which have been submitted to go to various film festivals. This movie will have Christian themes and messages in it, but the idea is that it will appeal to people generally. If you are

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good video on Carl Jung


If you like Star Wars, or any movie in the 80’s and 90’s, then you like Joseph Campbell and thus, Carl Jung. Remember ye him:

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Fried Chicken and Burritos – a place for comfort food

No, it’s not a cookbook. Hi there U.C. community. I’m Jeremy Shank from over at the “Shanktification” blog. Joel added me a while back here as a contributor. I don’t say much. I leave the indepth stuff to the mind of Joel. I do want to take a moment to ask you all to check out my book. My previous blog was the title of my book. “Fried Chicken and Burritos – a place for comfort food” was an idea I had as I entered my current appointment as pastor. I am in my fourth year here in Thornville,