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the Liturgy… lex orandi, lex credendi

Saint John on Patmos
Saint John on Patmos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Liturgy is at the same time the Kingdom of Heaven and our dwelling place, “a new Heaven and a new earth”, the point of convergence where all things find true meaning.

The Liturgy not only teaches us to broaden our horizon and our vision, to speak the language of love and communion, but also to learn how to live in love for one another, notwithstanding our differences and even our divisions.

The whole world is included in this great embrace, the communion of saints and all God’s cre­ation. The entire universe becomes “Cosmic Liturgy”, to cite the teaching of St Maximus the Confessor. Such a Liturgy can never become old or antiquated. – Patriarch Bartholomew, 2006 (when Pope Benedict visited him).

Quote of the day: Richard Heyduck on free will and infant baptism

One who practices the baptism of infants cannot logically claim the freedom of the will or individual autonomy as the deepest truth about us.


Maybe Josh McDowell didn’t really get a 1st Century copy of the Gospel of Mark

I don’t necessarily blame him, although he is way out of his league in judging what is authentic. Take a gander at what looks like deception for sale:

Dorothy King’s PhDiva: Is this More of the “First Century” Gospel of Mark?.

The Git Go (Willie Nelson)

I first heard this song over the weekend while listening to Outlaw Country on my SiriusXM. You can guess my reaction… not only it is bluesy, but it is theological.

And frankly, it is the right sort of theology… Two stanzas frame the song. The first is,

Woman shined the apple, and the man had to take a bite
Anything that good, God knows, just had to be right
Well they woke up naked with a big headache,
He done done in by a slippery snake,
A man and a woman get to live a while and then they die

And after detailing the sins and depravity of our social structure, we hear,

He told the truth, and they hung him up to die
The son of God who created you and I
He said it in the Good Book and letters in red

But we keep on forgettin’ ev’ry thing that He said
Jesus Christ hung on the cross for you and I

Listen to it a few times if you must.

(my) recent oil paintings

Over the holidays, I ventured into oil painting. It has been a blast. They aren’t dry yet, as you can imagine — and the color in the house is not giving me the best frame for the picture. This is the first one…

2014-12-31 11.38.432014-12-31 12.08.51 2015-01-01 08.48.26 2015-01-01 08.48.47 2015-01-01 08.54.02-1 2015-01-01 08.54.02

This is the second one. As it dries, it is actually revealing more color, so…

2015-01-03 14.48.26

2015-01-03 19.20.54

2015-01-03 20.43.16

2015-01-03 20.52.35-1

2015-01-03 20.52.35

2015-01-04 17.55.27

This is one of them both.

2015-01-04 18.01.52

The first one I would like to call “Eve” while the second is “Yael/Judith.” There is purple tent becoming more pronounced as it dries. Each one is like a puzzle because I get to figure out the shapes, the colors, and the textures.

I really, really like oil. A lot. Not simply because of the smell of the linseed oil either.

You can click on the pictures to see them larger — but not too large.

I don’t claim that these are good, only that they are mine.