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Christianity Unity Week with @Energion

You can find the listings here.

I will be on on the Wednesday broadcast:

Wednesday, March 25 – Unity in our Faith – Joel Watts (author, From Fear to Faith), Elgin Hushbeck & Henry Neufeld

What’s my angle? Well, I guess you have to tune in to find out, but it goes beyond John 17… oh yes… it goes beyond John 17 and into the realm of the apocalyptic…

Thought of the day 

thanks to DJ via FB

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Still rocking it….

My latest #painting… A re-do 

When I first started to paint, I wanted to do something easy. What’s easier than a horizon? 

A this is my first on with acrylic 

I figured I’d do the same with oil and see how it would turn out:


the real prologue to Galatians

passive aggressive galatians