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Proverbs 22 as the Mimetic Precursor to Matthew 10 (Also, Luke used Matthew and Mark)

I’d like you to compare, for a moment, Matthew 10 and Proverbs 22 (see it in the LXX here). Not, especially Matthew 10.18 and Proverbs 22.29. A man who is skillful in his work, you shall see:     before kings, he will serve;     he will not serve before the commoners. (Proverbs 22.29) And you will be brought before both governors and kings because of me, for a witness to them and to the Gentiles. (Matthew 10.18) I can turn to Mark 13.9 as the literary precursor — as if often the case with Matthew who uses Mark as his primary

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Lady Wisdom

My beautiful and brilliant niece with hair the color of summer strawberries was five years old the first time I heard her recount the story of Lydia, “the lady with the purple cloths.” Blue eyes dancing, freckles sprinkled across her nose, she knew, she was aware that women were part of the story of God and she knew the story was her own. “Wise beyond her years , this one” we always said of her. I was thinking of my niece Lylah, dreaming of home while in a summer intensive on Wisdom Literature at the University of Notre Dame;

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Restoring Wisdom: A Christian Take On Ron Paul’s Newsletters @RP_Newsletter

For as longest time, it has been my Christian duty to be an iconoclast. It’s just how I have fun, and for a while, my iconoclasm knew no bounds when I was a Left Libertarian. But even possessing such a nuanced position, I became disaffected, turned off by Paultardation and Paulinian Messianism, as if there was One Chosen White Man from Texas to “restore liberty.” Really, who grants these superpowers in the first place? So, a few months ago, I kissed libertarianism goodbye. I still believe in the free market, that Keynsian economics is stupid, Obamacare was plain idiocy,

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Proverbs a subversive text

I have been busy the last few weeks, building a shed, getting a new car (Ssangyong Actyon Tradie Duel Cab Ute) fighting of a bad cold / flu, preparing and preaching a sermon and finishing a 2500 thematic essay on Proverbs. I have 800 words to go and its due tomorrow night at 11:55pm. One of the main themes that I am increasingly finding in Proverbs is the meaning of what “The fear of the Lord” really means. And that is wisdom is actually applied knowledge and not just knowledge. The book of proverbs spurs us onto and into


The Personification of Wisdom in Proverbs 1:20-33

Image via Wikipedia A while ago, I was reading Proverbs 1 and noticed that Wisdom assumes a personification like she does later in the infamous chapter 8. I hadn’t realized that before or rather I was focused only on chapter 8, so when Jason posted on short post on Wisdom, Jesus and ‘She’, I thought that I should at least start the ball rolling again. Of course, this was in the middle of last year and updated again in September and I am just now getting around to it. What strikes me about this passage, besides the Creative Agent/Attribute


An Ishmaelite (And a Woman?) Contributing to the Hebrew Bible?

Image via Wikipedia A person who I hope becomes a longstanding friend was telling me about the current trend in biblical studies of seeing Scripture (especially the Old Testament) as arguing with itself. He also said that while it is a trend, he believes that it is correct. So, in that vein, which is one that I’ve been dwelling on lately, I noticed that Proverbs is a little bit of an oddity. You see, if we take a stance, we might see it as a book written, at least in part, by Gentiles. While we may wish to see


Thoughts on Proof-texting for Hate

Image via Wikipedia An anonymous commentator posted this verse in response to today’s post on a deceased blogger, The whole city celebrates when the godly succeed; they shout for joy when the wicked die. Like most proof-texting, a single, solitary verse will do for their argument. The aim of this short post is not to show him how wrong he is according to the entire witness of Scripture, including the Gospel, but to call attention to the fact that the use of this verse in context is wrong. Simply, I note the next verse, Upright citizens are good for