I wanted to use this as a way to speak about biblical literalism – a poor term, separated from the first use of the phrase. We might call it […]

I’m currently ensickened(c). But a Facebook friend tagged me in a post. This is from Charles Spurgeon: “I have my own private opinion that there is no such thing as […]

The commission

The other day, a phrase was used that was new to me and it got me to thinking again. The phrase was “passive evangelism.” The basic idea being that so […]

I know… some of you are going to mount a defense against this… apologetics. The rational defense of Christian faith. Historically, apologetic arguments of various types have been given: philosophical […]

Some of you ultra-protestant, almost anti-Reformation free churcher types, are going to bristle: As martyrs fell, these public cemeteries became the repositories of holy relics. The bodies of Saints Peter […]