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recent sermon at Thornville UMC

This was delivered, not precisely as below (but when you are talking…), at Thornville United Methodist Church, 17 Oct 2015. I’ve not edited much.  I used to collect bibles. In some ways, I guess, I still do, but anymore, they are usually electronic. However, when I did, there were a few I cherished. I liked the Cambridge bible, made with real leather, fine India paper, and art-gilded edges. This one you see before you is the Cambridge KJV but like the original KJV, it includes the Apocrypha. It has two ribbons, lots of cross references, and some other useful

Sermon Notes

“Where is King David? In Sodom” (“sermon”)

I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak (a  lay person can’t preach unless they are approved, licensed, and knighted by the Queen I guess) at Victory Chapel UMC in Jackson, Ohio. This is the sermon. As always, this is not as it was delivered, but serves as the base. I depart from the text to explain better, either through detail or story, what I mean. Let me start with introducing myself…. And you have to start over. That’s what I did. I faced those times of doubt and cynicism, of fear, of hopelessness. I flirted with atheism,

Sermon Notes

Sunday Morning Sermon @Ravenswood1UMC

I… I just got here. To the United Methodist Church, I mean. I didn’t survive the time the conservatives split to support slavery while the progressives supported abolition. I didn’t survive the battles against women ordination when conservatives threatened women pastors, ridiculed them, and left the UMC because of it. I didn’t survive the rounds of talk about divorced and remarried clergy and how we should affirm a call rather than a mistake. I believe Scripture, however, therefore I do not believe anyone should leave. As a matter of fact, progressives need conservatives to provide a Scriptural foundation. Conservatives

Sermon Notes

Here it goes… my Sat. evening talk at @Ravenswood1UMC, on the topic of sin

So, if you want, you can watch me speak/sermonize/lecturize/preach/destroy Romans 5 if you want:

Sermon Notes

Final thoughts after the Revival

I used the REB, clutched my rosary tightly, and preached about prevenient grace this morning. Friday, I preached of inspiration and Tradition while on Saturday, I preached about Grace and how it is out of proportion to sin. All while holding my rosary, speaking of Wesley, and hoping no one would run me out of town. This morning, as I set through the hymns and such, I prayed the rosary’s prayer, prayed to St. Mark and the three St. Johns (the Evangelist, the Damascene, and the Cross) and made mention to Brother John. I’ll post the sermons this week

Ambrose / Sermon Notes

Abraham as Allegory for the Mind (St. Ambrose

Abraham represents the mind. In fact Abraham signifies passage. Therefore, in order that the mind, which in Adam had allowed itself to run to pleasure and to bodily attractions, should turn toward the ideal form of virtue, a wise man has been proposed to us as an example to imitate. Actually Abraham in Hebrew signifies “father,” in the sense that the mind, with the authority, the judgment and the solicitude of a father, governs the entire person. This mind then was in Haran, that is, in caverns, subject to the different passions. For this reason it is told, “Go

Sermon Notes

So, I’m going to be preaching soon on Fear to Faith #wvumc @energion

I will be preaching/ lecturing/ teaching/ speaking/ talking/ chatting/ jish-joshing at a local UMC church in mid-March. The topic will be based roughly on moving from fear (i.e., fundamentalism) to faith (i.e., reasonable Christianity). In preparing for my sermon series, 3 nights, I decided immediately to stick to the lectionary. I will use the Revised Common Lectionary covering two weeks (the second week begins on Sunday). I want to address several issues during the series. I will cover  the marks of fundamentalism and why they are dangerous. They are essentially: biblicism separatism militancy premillennialism I will not cover premillennialism