Sermon Notes

I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak (a ┬álay person can’t preach unless they are approved, licensed, and knighted by the Queen I guess) at Victory Chapel UMC […]

I… I just got here. To the United Methodist Church, I mean. I didn’t survive the time the conservatives split to support slavery while the progressives supported abolition. I didn’t […]

So, if you want, you can watch me speak/sermonize/lecturize/preach/destroy Romans 5 if you want:

I used the REB, clutched my rosary tightly, and preached about prevenient grace this morning. Friday, I preached of inspiration and Tradition while on Saturday, I preached about Grace and […]

Abraham represents the mind. In fact Abraham signifies passage. Therefore, in order that the mind, which in Adam had allowed itself to run to pleasure and to bodily attractions, should […]

I will be preaching/ lecturing/ teaching/ speaking/ talking/ chatting/ jish-joshing at a local UMC church in mid-March. The topic will be based roughly on moving from fear (i.e., fundamentalism) to […]

Below is both the speach-act and the written-act of the Sermon delivered on Christ the King Sunday at Christ Church United Methodist Church:

Below is the finalish version. I would assume that I am no different than most preachers who change things on the fly. But I stuck pretty well to this. And […]