John of the Cross

No new revelations are to be admitted in the matter of that once made, beyond what may be consistent with it, lest we should go astray by admitting contradictions, and […]

But those who at this time are going on to perfection proceed very differently and with quite another temper of spirit; for they progress by means of humility and are […]

Bk. 1. Ch. 8. The soul that is clouded by the desires is darkened in the understanding and allows neither the sun of natural reason nor that of the supernatural […]

“Wherefore he that would now enquire of God, or seek any vision or revelation, would not only be acting foolishly, but would be committing an offence against God, by not […]

You can find the entire poem here… The Creation My Son, it is my wish to give you A bride for you to love, Who through your worth will well […]

“They can be like the sun, words. They can do for the heart what light can for a field.” ― San Juan de la Cruz, The Poems of St. John of the Cross