This is for my CTP class. Also, I don’t like Calvinism. From here: Hyper-Calvinism: Beliefs: God is the author of sin and man has no responsibility before God. The Gospel […]

My last post stirred a discussion that made me think. These thoughts are the result. It is fair to say that Christian tradition has vastly dictated right practice of our […]

Part One can be found here. Roger Wolsey, in his continuing effort to provide me with more material to blog about, has proposed this. First let me start by simply […]

A Man may indeed practise the outward Part of a Christian, he may be Orthodox in his Faith, and regular in the Forms of Religion, and yet live in Ease […]

Progressive Christianity is...

Is Progressive Christianity more white than Christian? This article refers to the category of “Progressive Christianity” and is not meant to be directed at those who self-identify as progressive, progressive […]