I keep hearing this tired refrain: “‘Jesus is Lord’ is the earliest creed.” They are pulling this phrase from 1 Corinthians 12.3 although they seem to miss the first part […]

There is this constant rumor John Wesley thought the creed a weak source or somehow unnecessary. I cannot find this in Wesley’s works (via Logos). Charles, John’s forgotten brother but […]

There is a solid discussion ongoing among some internet-UMCers. Rev. Jeremy Smith seems to think so and attempts to make the case with an essay that summarizes a longer sermon preached by […]

Very early in the life of the church, creeds and doctrinal statements became tools in the hands of political and religious leaders to control crowds and dominate others. Creeds Kill […]

Allan “I’ll be a Duke fan regardless of how awful they are until the day I die” Bevere points out another blogger’s post regarding the theological showdown in the Fourth […]

If you remember, from a long time ago… I have a deep admiration for Marcellus of Ancrya. He was a fighter for Western Christology, something later corrupted, as everything usually […]

I love this creed and would demand, if I had any standing, that it be read every Sunday, if not every day…