Resuscitating the Revised Standard Version

The mysterious ‘Q’ preaches to us about a new, sorta, RSV which ‘conservative-izes’ the 1952 RSV (See Isaiah 7.14) and includes the Deutercanon. He calls it the ‘ESV for Catholics.’ (Still hoping for an NLT with the Deuterocanon)

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My top Bibles for 2008

Bryon has posted his top bibles for the year, and it has inspired me to do so as well. In 2007, I was 90% King James, still considering myself a King James Primary bible user, but this year has seen me change that dramatically. So, here it is, NKJV NLT NRSV NET NETS 1.) The New King James Version has quickly become my favorite  for church service – although the KJV is the only thing used in service. It is still similiar enough to the KJV that I can read along while calling attention to some of the faults

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From the Bible that is Rarely Read: Sirach 39.1-11

*I am not trying to design these as a commentary, but as a point for discussion and perhaps as a bit of a devotional. They are a spiritual and mental exercise for me. If I find an error in Sirach that I cannot rectify, then it must be considered mortal and merely a good read. Until then, if then, I will continue to read and learn from Sirach. Please feel free to point me in the right direction. In studying the book of Sirach, I found nothing to disagree with the Christian faith as handed down by the Apostles.

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From the Bible that is Rarely Read: Sirach 5.1-7

Sirach 5:1-7 from the Revised Standard Version (1)  Do not set your heart on your wealth, nor say, “I have enough.” (2)  Do not follow your inclination and strength, walking according to the desires of your heart. (3)  Do not say, “Who will have power over me?” for the Lord will surely punish you. The Prophet Amos preached against the idea that wealth will shield you from the natural course of this world. It will buy you neither salvation or security from death. The greed that plagues our society is a great disease, bringing with it destruction, hatred, evil.

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From the Bible that is rarely read: Sirach 10.1-25

I have grown to enjoy these posts a great deal. (Here, here, here, and here) It is my blog, after all, and it has allowed me to discover the style and manner of writing and investigation into scripture that I like, and this seems to be one of them. Sirach, or Ecclesiasticus to the Protestants out there, was written well before Christ and was wrestled over until after Christ by the Jews. I endeavored to read this book one a while ago, but go no further than the 10th chapter when i realized that at that time it was

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From the Bible that is rarely read: Sirach 15.11-20

Do not say, “Because of the Lord I left the right way”; for he will not do what he hates. Do not say, “It was he who led me astray”; for he had no need of a sinful man. The Lord hates all abominations, and they are not loved by those who fear him. It was he who created man in the beginning, and he left him in the power of his own inclination. If you will, you can keep the commandments, and to act faithfully is a matter of your own choice. He has placed before you fire