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Review, “@TyndaleHouse Select NLT: Select Reference Edition”

For the bibliophile, there is barely anything more joyful than a finely pieced book. Yes, it is about the interior, but so too the exterior. In fact, bibliophiles know you can judge a book by its cover. There is also a select group of bibliophiles who do more than collect books, but so too collect bibles. I myself have numerous hard copies of the Scriptures, in different translations, with different covers, in different editions. There are two holding top-tier in my collection. The first is the Cambridge KJV with Apocrypha. It is black calfskin leather. The second is a

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@tyndalehouse Review: Chronological Life Application Study Bible NLT

In anything except for relationships, it is always grand to return to your first love. As a young and nubile prince of reviewers, I first began to review for Tyndale with their Cornerstone Commentary series and then, the NLT Study Bible. Even though the time for reviews had long since passed and I had been turned down once; yet the kind folks, sensing the my need for the NLT relented and sent me my first one… the one that changed devotional reading. This edition of the New Living Translation promises to drive reading in much the same way a


What will the U.S. Department of State do with the #NLT?

Thought this was fun…  

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In the Mail: Chronological Life Application Study Bible NLT

Thanks to the kind folks at Tyndale House for sending this review copy: The Bible is the story of God’s interaction with his creation. It is a story that occurs over time, in many places, and through many events. It includes the lives and lessons learned by many people from many cultures. It’s often easy to lose sight of the way in which God’s story fits together when our primary way of looking at the Bible is a bit here and a bit there. The new four-color Chronological Life Application Study Bible combines the proven resources of the Life Application Study Bible with


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I like it. You like it. So, if you don’t mind, for those of you on Facebook, please “like” this page. And for those of you who aren’t, go ahead and sign up for Facebook so that you can “like” it now. The NLT Study bible is chocked full of good stuff. And, it wins, so far in the Study Bible Wars. Also, you can “friend” me on facebook here.

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The Study Bible Wars: NLT 1, ESV 0

I wanted to highlight just a few things about the NLT Study Bible and the ESV Study Bible as a point of comparison. This post is not meant to be all incluvise or even a review. In Genesis 1.26, the NLT Study Bible reads, Let us make is more personal than the remote “Let there be” (e.g., 1.36). The plural us has inspired several explanations: the Trinity; the plural to denote majesty; a plural to show deliberation with the self; and God speaking with his heavenly court of angels The editors answer these objections, and I’ll skip most of


A Sample Review: NLT Parallel Study Bible Sampler

Thanks to Adam for this Sampler. The entire bible is due on August 1. As a fan of the NLT and more, the NLT Study Bible, I was interested to note that Tyndale will now produce the NLT Study Bible’s notes along side the notes of the Life Application series. I find that while the NLT Study Bible’s notes are more conservative than something like the New Oxford Annotated Bible, they are still filled with integrity. For example look at the notes for Genesis 1.26 and Isaiah 7.14. When you can be honest about these verses, I find that