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celebrating 50 years of the NIV (with free stuff)

In 1965, the Committee on Bible Translation, took on the most massive translation project of modern times: to prepare a contemporary English translation of the Bible from the best available original manuscripts.

Fifty years later, the New International Version remains the global standard as an accurate, beautiful, trustworthy translation of God’s Word. It’s faithful to the original text, rooted in everyday English, and perfect for biblical study—that’s what has made it the bestselling modern-English translation in the world.

And yes, there is some interesting stories about the NIV:

Additional stories related to Made to Study and the production of the NIV Study Bible: 

But wait… I said free stuff:

  • The free NIV 50th Anniversary Bible App (available in IOS and Android) provides free access to the NIV, additional quarterly content, and the notes from a variety of NIV Bibles for the 2015 calendar year
  • 365-day reading plan drawn from an NIV study or devotional Bible, delivered via email
  • An academic-level review of the translation philosophy of the NIV by Doug Moo (presented at the 2014 ETS meetings)
  • An infographic outlining the breadth and depth of NIV support materials produced for studying the Bible — more than any other English translation

More from the Zondervan and Thomas Nelson merger – The MacArthur NIV Study Bible

You know how I feel about Christian publishing houses as ruled by Murdoch, especially when you consider that 50% of the Christian publishing market is essentially controlled by Murdoch. Anyway… It seems that John MacArther will not added his notes to an NIV Study Bible:

The project has been in the discussion and planning phase for more than a year now, said Chip Brown, Zondervan’s senior vice-president and publisher of bibles. Under the deal, Zondervan will license the NIV translation to Thomas Nelson, which will publish the bible, expected to be released in fall 2013.

How Zondervan struck a deal with rival Thomas Nelson to combine Christian bestsellers |

I like the NIV – THE NLT IS FAR BETTER – but not so much a fan of some of MacArthur’s stances.

We’ll see how it goes…

(ht to LNB via Twitter)

Southern Baptists Decry NIV 2011

As an ardent supporter of the NLT – I’ve never read the NIV 2011. No need too. :) But this was a bit surprising.

In a surprising and dramatic move moments ago, messengers voted first to consider a resolution highly critical of the TNIV 2011 and then passed the resolution nearly unanimously. The resolution came from the floor — introduced by messenger Tim Overton — and not from the Resolutions Committee. Overturn’s appeal for messengers to consider the resolution passed by at least a 2-to-1 margin, and the resolution itself got only a handful of opposing votes. The Resolutions Committee had asked messengers not to consider the resolution.

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Because Mark Stevens is mourning the loss of the TNIV

Which in my opinion couldn’t have died a sooner death… But, alas my friends, he is giving away a ‘reference’ edition…

So here are the rules:

  • Post a link to the competition on your blog or facebook if you don’t have blog (If you don’t have either, I envy you).
  • Leave a comment here letting me know that you’ve posted the link and which version you would prefer.

Okay, so that’s the boring stuff. Now its time to get creative. You can choose one or both of these tasks. If you don’t have a blog simply leave a comment and it will count as an entry. I had hoped to find a photo to which we could post likely captions but none where forthcoming.

  • Come up with a marketing slogan for the now defunct TNIV – The funniest and smartest wins!
  • Alternately you could come up with a fictitious quote of what you think Wayne Grudem, John Piper, Mark Driscoll etc might have said when they first heard the TNIV had been canned and then what they might have said when they first read the NIV 2011!
  • Thirdly, any other funny post related to the TNIV!

TNIV Reference Bible/Study Bible Giveaway… |.

As we know, Wayne Grudem regularly featured the TNIV in the ‘You makee Feel Like A natural Woman’ series, in which he describes what a natural woman is. Piper couldn’t be reached for comment, but on his voicemail, it was a ‘noun, a verb, and ESV’. Driscoll, when asked about the TNIV, asked what edition of the Geneva it was.

Personally, I have the TNIV, had have had for a while, but the slogan never caught on. You know, ‘T is for tons more money because we changed a few words in the NIV.’

New NIV Text to be made Available Online – November 1

Cover for a NIV Bible
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Because this is a Press Release, I am posting all of it:

Biblica and Publishing Partners Zondervan and Hodder Announce Timing from
Lausanne Congress in South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa – October 18, 2010 –Today, at the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, Keith Danby, CEO of Biblica, and Moe Girkins, CEO of Zondervan, announced that they have received the new update to the NIV from the Committee on Bible Translation.  Although the print form will not be ready for release until next year, they have decided to make the text available to view it online at  and beginning November 1.

“The NIV has become part of our culture – part of the shared experience of millions of people,” said Keith Danby, International CEO of Biblica. “This is the reason why we felt it was appropriate to make the update available online as soon as it was ready.  We’re responding to the desires of scholars, pastors and Christians across the globe who are eager to experience the updated text.”

“We’re thrilled to be able to share the text with NIV readers around the world in this way,” said Moe Girkins, President and CEO of Zondervan.  “The translation team has done an amazing job with the update and we’re excited to see people reading it and hearing God’s voice through it. It seemed especially fitting for us to share this news from the Lausanne Congress here in Cape Town because the shared purpose of this gathering, and of the NIV, is to reach more people with God’s Word.”

Zondervan serves as the North American publisher of the NIV Bible and plans to release the first wave of updated NIV products in March 2011. Hodder serves as the UK and European Union publisher of the NIV Bible.  Biblica, as the worldwide publisher of the NIV, is the translation sponsor and copyright holder of the NIV and a global Bible and resource ministry.

Updated NIV Text Available for Online Viewing November 1 « NIV Bible Update.

Thanks to Keith via Twitter

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