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The Numbers

On average about 25,000 people died of starvation today.
On average about 287 Christians were martyred today.
On average about 9,315 people died today due to lack of basic sanitation and clean water.
On average 500 people died today due to war.
On average about 2,000,000,000 Christians argued about homosexuality today.
Wonder how low the first 4 numbers would be if the last one were not so high.

Review: God’s Word to the Nations

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I want to thank the fine folks at Baker Publishing for this review copy.

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ISBN: 978-0-8010-1342-3
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Number of pages: 2,108
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After spending several weeks with this new (to me) translation, I have found that like all other bible translations, it has it’s faults; however, in many areas it shines. If you take the God’s Word translation (GWN) in its place, it more than accomplishes it goal.

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Examining God’s Word – 1st Peter 3.18-22

This is a double whammy –

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Examining God’s Word – Hebrews 6.1-8

Returning to the New Testament for a minute, I wanted to examine this passage to see if there are ‘watering-down’ effects.This is a hot button passage – between those who believe that if your reject Christ (after salvation) then there is no hope and those that believe that perhaps it is a hypothesis.

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Examining God’s Word – Davidic Covenant in 2nd Samuel 7.10-16

As this is important, and figures very prominently in the book I am currently reading, I thought that I might examine this passage,

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Examining God’s Word – Psalm 137

Another of my favorite Psalms.

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Examining God’s Word – Psalm 23

In my opinion, where the GWN shines is in translation of the Old Testament. I have highlighted the specific parts that I like

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Examining God’s Word – Repentance

T.C., a fine biblioblogger, defines repentance and righteousness within the New Perspectives on Paul framework, at least according to Bishop N.T. Wright:

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Examining God’s Word – Psalm 98

First, see Joel’s post here.

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More on Approval in God’s Word to the Nations

Reading through the GWN, I have find several good points, but there is one which is sticks out.

δικαιόω, along with it’s context, is usually translated as righteous, righteousness, justify, justification, etc…

The GWN translates it as ‘approval.’ While I understand the concept of the word, both in Greek, and according to Reformed thought, for me, depending upon the translation and the use of it, I can handle a more vernacular translation, such as what the NLT has presented. With that said, I must say, that I cannot rationalize the use of ‘approval’ for such an important Christian theological concept.

Granted, there is a line we have to follow in not allowing our theology to influence our translation or even the reading of the bible, but there are central truths which must be upheld, I believe. Further, I readily admit that I choose translations based on what I bring to the table, namely my theological precepts and concepts. While I do not dismiss honest translations because they do not line up with the truth as I see it, if one gets too far off, I am not likely to use it.

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Examining God’s Word – Romans 5.1-11

This week, we are examining God’s Word Translation in regards to the a literal and a thought for thought translation. I am using the NASB which is highly literal and the NLT which is my preferred choice, and somewhere between thought for thought and literal. I will take different chapters or passages, prooftexting, and put then against recognized versions. I ask my readers to participate, showing me what they like or don’t like.

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