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Just how wrong is the #ESV Study Bible? Pretty Darn, even denying the central role of Christ like @AiG

Thanks to Jason for bringing this to my attention, of just how awful the ESV Study Bible notes really are. God’s act of creation is the foundation for the entire biblical history. – ESVSBGen 1:1 That there, folks, is just plain blasphemous. Pretty sure that the New Testament says Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of this house of ours, a foundation laid on the Apostles and Prophets: Together, we are his house, built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself. (Eph 2.20 NLT) There are plenty of other verses testifying to


King James Version Onlyism – The Paper what will Change the Course of History

So this post was originally the paper – but now it is in this book:


Maybe the ESV was just a marketing ploy after all?

I am free to make such statements because I do not review for Crossway… shucks, I would be honest anyway. The ESV is, in my opinion, a needless translation only because a few Evangelicals decided that they couldn’t hand the RSV and didn’t want the KJV. It is, in my opinion, a marketing ploy… but with that said, I do like the ESV Study Bible. Are you aware that the ESV continues to evolve? When will it grow up? I was sent the link below by a friend today and it troubles me. The document lists nearly 300 changes


There goes the Aussie Catholics… using the ESV? Pish Posh

However, we struck problems with the copyright holders of the NRSV and have had some difficulties in our dealings with the Holy See. All of this so becalmed the project that there is now no hope that the Lectionary or any part of it will appear at the same time as the Missal. In fact, we have decided to move away from the NRSV and to prepare the Lectionary using a modified form of the English Standard Version (ESV), still with the revised Grail Psalter. (here) (HT) Really? The Evangelical Standard Version? Oh come on!

ESV / Genesis / NLT

The Study Bible Wars: NLT 1, ESV 0

I wanted to highlight just a few things about the NLT Study Bible and the ESV Study Bible as a point of comparison. This post is not meant to be all incluvise or even a review. In Genesis 1.26, the NLT Study Bible reads, Let us make is more personal than the remote “Let there be” (e.g., 1.36). The plural us has inspired several explanations: the Trinity; the plural to denote majesty; a plural to show deliberation with the self; and God speaking with his heavenly court of angels The editors answer these objections, and I’ll skip most of


Noooooo! Similarities between NLT and ESV Translation Committees?

What? Surely not… You mean the NLT would actually use translators from the ESV… is my worldview folding in on me? I took a ‘fine tooth comb’ to both Translation Committee’s of the NLT and English Standard Version (ESV) and discovered that, get this, 19 of the 87 scholars (22%) who worked on the NLT also worked on the ESV. Read the rest here: The Similarities of the NLT and ESV Translation Committees |


Forgive me, for I have sinned

I don’t know what came over me, but for I have sinned –