1. I’ve been thinking about this topic recently. I was raised Independent Baptist and there was very little of a “community” mindset in that church. I am now a member of a different congregation and although I would like to see more of a community attitude, it is significantly greater than my childhood church.
    Your relation of this to gifts really causes me to think of how we are to live our lives. We are a community of believers and are to be concerned with the health of the body. I long to see a congregation that doesn’t kick a brother/sister when they fall, but struggles to restore them. A congregation that doesn’t hold one’s own money as their own, but willingly helps their needy siblings with joy.
    N.T. Wright is the one who God used to plant the idea of the early church being more community driven than individualistically driven. I think he is correct.
    Thanks for the post. Good thoughts!


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