1. Doug

    I am appalled by the response of the G.C. And the rest.


  2. So true! You nailed it. I just sent out this tweet: Silence is complicity. When church leaders remain silent, it causes spiritual confusion and even shattered faith. WAKE UP CHURCH LEADERS!

    Good grief, these guys drive me crazy with all their ranting about their pet topics.


  3. They also state that is ‘unwise’ to comment before a lawsuit is complete. Yet they have no issue doing so with other ugly circumstances – prior to completion.

    At times it almost seems like they make an atmosphere that people need to constantly come back to them – asking for ‘biblical’ advice, because they rules are constantly changing. They can’t keep up, and they rely on certain men to help in that area.

    This is a great example of it. Do things this way, until you I tell you that we need to do it another way now. (shivers)


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