Books to Read NOW – Libya, Responses, Terror

This post was originally one of the spate coming out when Osama was killed. Now, in the midst of more turmoil directed towards the United States, I feel like they are needed once more.

Temper the Psalms with the Gospels, just saying, but when you are done with that, read this one:

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And this one:

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Joel L. Watts
Joel L. Watts holds a Masters of Arts from United Theological Seminary with a focus in literary and rhetorical criticism of the New Testament. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of the Free State, analyzing Paul’s model of atonement in Galatians. He is the author of Mimetic Criticism of the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary (Wipf and Stock, 2013), a co-editor and contributor to From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls (Energion, 2013), and Praying in God's Theater, Meditations on the Book of Revelation (Wipf and Stock, 2014).

2 thoughts on “Books to Read NOW – Libya, Responses, Terror

  1. You don’t need to temper the psalms. Maybe you need to temper your reading of them. Rather I think, temper certainty of confession with the psalms. (Nonetheless, I do think that targeted removal of certain threats is a lesser evil than many other alternatives. But we seem to have taken the other alternatives to our detriment first.) The gospel is in the psalms for any who care to see. And the Christian certitude that has ruled many generations is a failure – “they do not know my ways”, (Psalm 95 I’m sure you recognize it)

    1. Very true, and my words may be better chosen. some take the psalms as a license to hate, and that is my concern.

      Equally, i would be interested in your opinion of the exegesis of Songs. Brief – and not by my choice

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