1. David Tee

    Academic freedom is a two way street and if Rollston’s employer does not like what he wrote then they are free academically to discipline him for violating any biblical or institutional rules. Freedom does not mean anarchy lives or a free-for-all where no rules apply.

    Nor does it mean that Christian employees get to break God’s rules or say that He is wrong or a sinner. ECS is certainly free to discipline or remove any professor who undermines the Bible’s message and the school’s purpose.

    If Rollston wants to continue to produce anti-christian materials then he is free to move to a secular institution where such publications do not contradict their message.

    I wonder how many of those in support of Rollston would recommend an evangelical or true believer for an academic post in a very atheistic institution and then tell the candidate he is free to publish anti-atheism materials?


    1. Davy-T, obviously you do not understand the concept of Academic Freedom.

      Rollston’s article is well supported by facts, and is not anti- thing except for purposed blindness and stupidity. Rollston, if anything, produced a more Christian message than has been found in many recent articles on the Topic. After all, all truth is God’s truth – Jesus is the Truth. Rollston told the truth, God’s truth, and proclaimed Christ.

      So, evangelicals aren’t true believers?

      Um…. Seems like what you want is a cult.

      The First Church of Dave-T: Where Davy-T is God, King, Savious, and Know-it-All.


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