1. I am continually amazed at all the people who take a beating when they point out that some parts of the Bible are not true in a strict literal sense. Incredible! There is, however, a part of me that wants to think that this uafan1198 is really an evil anti-Christian conspirator trying to make it look like Christianity is full of ignorant fundamentalists. After all, if I had no moral reason not to, I would do my best to spread Christianity by anonymously saying ignorant and hateful pro-atheist things. There’s a story about a Republican and Democrat talking about how they get votes. The one said, “When I take a taxi, I tip the driver well and tell him to vote for me.” The other said, “When I take a taxi, I complain a lot, don’t tip, and tell him to vote for you too.”

    1. Polycarp

      hahahahhaahah! That’s funny.

      But you are correct. Literalism doesn’t equal true, and indeed, could be rather false. I hope that someone would not be so confounded as to believe like uafan, but I have met a few who do.


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