1. James Dowden

    “Reading Isaiah as You” sounds a lot of fun. Only a few months ago I was making copious notes on that passage whilst cursing under my breath at whoever thought it was a good idea to include that on my Church’s pre-selection/vocation course. And the translations one is one that has scope to run and run and run. I’m not an SBL member, but I’d be more than happy to contribute something.

  2. Mike Skinner

    I’m a graduate student in theology and a high school teacher of Bible. Would be willing to help out.

  3. Dan Harders

    I would be interested in helping out with this as well.


    1. thanks all. could you each email me your preferred topic from the above?

      Also, include either your current teaching institution of something of an educational level

      email to: e joel watts (at) gmail (dot) com

      no spaces, of course.

  4. Jeanie C. Crain

    I would be delighted to work with you on this project. I teach Reading the Bible as Literature and could easily provide you with several articles.


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