1. Geoffrey Johnston

    Re: “Attacks on Iraq Christians Largely Under-reported.”

    I am the Canadian freelance writer who wrote this story about the plight of Assyrian Christians in Iraq. The article was originally posted online at Christianweek.org. It is important to give Christian Week, a weekly Canadian publication, credit for having the courage to publish a controversial article about the persecution of Christians in Muslim-majority countries. By doing so, Christian Week is, in some small but important way, helping to protect the Persecuted Church in Iraq. Best wishes for a safe and joyous Christmas.

    Geoffrey Johnston, Special to Christian Week


  2. Ransom, it is deplorable what is being left out of the evening news. Anything that I can do to raise awareness concerning the plight of the ancient Iraqi Christians, I will do. I feel that my blog is not enough, but it is what I can do for the moment.


  3. Amen, Geoffrey. I will that there was more that we could do to help the plight of those under persecution.


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