1. Just Sayin'

    Is the period between Auggie and Aquinie really known as the Dark Ages or have professional historians largely abandoned that term as misleading?

    No mention of Augustine’s Platonism?

  2. Froilan Carreon Jr.

    Dearest Joel,

    Nice article. I come across your article because I am writing a thesis on the influssion of Augustine to Thomas in the concept of happiness. Can you be of help to my research especially in finding titles of books and articles? By the way, I am Froilan, a priest from the Archdiocese of Lipa in the Philippines. I am presently doing my licentiate in Patrology in Rome, in Augustinianum.

      1. Froilan Carreon Jr.

        Thank you for the reply. Can you give me a list of possible books and articles that I can consult in order to see the influence of Augustine to Aquinas on the conception of happiness? I have found some books and articles here, but they are all in italian. I want also to consult english titles, or any books written in other languages. My gratitude to you in anticipation.


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