1. Skid

    I agree with most of what you are saying but I don’t think you have carried societal blame far enough. I have stood for hours in gaming parlors such as Dave & Barry’s and watched very young children stare at violent shoot em up games where death is insignificant and glorified and the dead come back to life with impunity. Even though most are not scarred seriously some are. I have little doubt that societal morals are bent by this. Also, cartoons where the children are genius and the adults are more than stupid must affect the thinking of 2 yr olds to some extent. Too many parents pay no attention to what the children are watching and playing. Religious and educational organizations have seriously dropped the ball in this regard. Too many adults are simply feeding there own greed with out regard to there responsibility to others, especially their young.

    BTW, I disagree with your statement that there are unbiased news sources available. We are all biased, even you and I. Some are just better at hiding there bias, mostly via omission as opposed to commission. We offen consider those we agree with as unbiased but that can be a dangerous trap.


    1. there are situational biases, beginning with what stories to cover; however, I do think journalists can bring us something of an unfiltered truth to stories.

      And yes, I agree with your on the first paragraph. Plato would agree too.

  2. skid

    With regard to bias in the media, for the casual reader or watcher the hidden bias is likely more dangerous than the overt bias that is obvious to most, even though we are still most likely to listen to those that agree with us than those who disagree with us. What I like least is judging those we disagree with by only following comments about them from some we tend to side with. This is where bias gets dangerous I think.


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