1. Can you provide more detail more on the “purposed mischaracterizations”?

    And what informs your take?

    Not trying to be snarky, just genuinely curious…


    1. Understood –

      For one, just in the part I quote –

      They theorize about new time frames because of how accurate the books are prophetically!

      That implies malicious intent.

      Or this:

      So they create totally implausible scenarios in order to remove the divine role God played in putting the Bible together.

      Biblical studies have actually informed my view, so that I look at authors, trends, and evidences.

  2. pf

    Unfortunately this guy espouses a very common view. If the Bible is not 100% as we see it, then it is a lie.

    The idea that there are more than two options — totally true or evil — doesn’t occur to a lot of people. That a book was written with good intentions (to inspire the Jews in the face of oppression) while at the same time being not a literal story about a historical figure, does not sit well with a lot of people.

    The world of scholarship, if there is such a thing, needs to get the point across.


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