An Interview with Jim West – It’s okay to be a cat guy

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For the first time ever, Jim West has given a very personal and touching interviewing about his closest love…

Occupation: Freelance blogging. World’s chief expert on depravity

Occupation #2: Cat Guy. Yes—cat guy, i.e., a football-watching, Vegas-frequenting, pickup-hoops-playing guy’s guy who also happens to be a proud, unapologetic cat owner.

But Moll’s West’s not alone. Now more than ever, men are proudly coming out of the litter box, as it were, and admitting that they’re unabashed cat owners, thanks in part to his latest TV and online marketing effort for Los Angeles–based nonprofit pet-rescue and -adoption organization Much Love. It’s garnered attention everywhere from the Huffington Post and New York Daily News to the L.A. Egotist and, of course,—just about every pet-related website on earth.


JW: So why cats?

JimWest: I think cats are the perfect pets for guys. They’re self-contained. Independent. Don’t demand a lot of your time. They let guys be guys. They don’t jump on you when you get in the door or have to be taken outside to poop at 6 a.m. in the middle of winter. They’re just so easy and chill. What’s not to like?

Jim’s promo:

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