1. doug

    the answers are: it seems likely; uncertain as i dont know the faith of his family, but if his family were church going christians, then he did; no, he did not want to rewrite the scriptures as much as emasculate them; uncertain; he owned slaves, so i would say he did not believe in equality; and the last question is a straw man question that is an opinion about UVA being irreligious.

  2. Just Sayin'

    Difficult to say whether Nelson would have published this anyway, even under prior ownership. They’ve never been my favourite publisher, have always spawned far too much crap.

  3. Ed Babinski

    The story of Jefferson and the changes he sought to make at the
    College of William and Mary (a college that missionized the Indians),
    gives us a clear picture of what Jefferson thought about the standard
    “missionizing” of Indians going on in his day:

    “Prior to Jefferson’s proposal for reform at the College of William and
    Mary, the staff was under ecclesiastical direction and control by the clergy
    of the Anglican Church. Not surprisingly, the faculty stressed theology as
    the school’s primary focus. The college also had a missionary program to
    teach Native American boys reading, writing, vulgar arithmetic, and the
    Christian religion. Jefferson planned to change the College’s emphasis from
    religious to academic while expanding the faculty from six to eight by
    adding a professor of law and one of medicine. He also sought to change the
    College’s Native American program from a missionary-orientation towards one
    centered on anthropology. Such direction, Jefferson declared, would permit
    the investigation of ‘[indigenous] laws, customs, religions, traditions, and
    more particularly […] languages, constructing grammars thereof [to be
    compiled] and preserved…’ Although Jefferson’s ideas were initially
    rejected as being too radical, the College of William and Mary gradually
    adopted Jefferson’s recommendations and implemented them over a forty-year
    period, creating in the end Jefferson’s dream of an ‘academic village.'”

    Thomas Jefferson’s educational proposals reflected his ideas that democracy
    could be fostered through an educational system with high standards.


  4. doug

    the last question i am certain is directed at his involvement in the founding of UVA.

  5. Ed Babinski

    I just thought I’d mention Jefferson’s proposals for William and Mary. Barton is an idiot whose work is repudiated even by his fellow Evangelicals who teach the history of religion in the U.S., like Mark Noll.


  6. But to people who are immune to facts, this will be popular.

    I expect that anyone who actually WANTS an American Patriots Bible will love it and consider it modern Scripture.


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