1. Exegete chapter 5 because “Muhummed is mentioned by name in the Song of Solomn 5:16. The Hebrew word used there is Muhammuddim. The end letters IM is plural of respect majesty and grandeur. Minus “im” the name would be Muhamudd translated as “altogether lovely” in the Authorised Version of the Bible or ‘The Praised One’ ‘the one worthy of Praise’ i.e. MUHUMMED!”

  2. Lawson

    Can anyone reccomend a good translation of the Song of Solomon (To English).
    What I’m looking for is the translation that a Jew would read if English were his or her only language.
    Its such a beautiful thing.
    I would like to get as close to the original meaning as I can without spending years learning ancient Hebrew dialects!
    Thanking you in advance,

    Lawson Amadeus Skuse


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