1. Let me see if I can get the logic of this post straight. You’re acknowledging that evolution has failed to win the minds of Americans, even educated ones. But rather than simply allowing free people in a free country to disagree with you, you want to start restricting religious people’s ability to spread their ideas even in their own institutions. What if that doesn’t work, Josh? If we’re going to take your tack of simply escalating legal sanctions against anyone who doesn’t toe the line, then we might as well move on to re-education camps for clergy.

      1. Josh

        That was the fastest I’ve ever been Godwin’d. And I’ve been around the block a few times.


    1. Before Josh responds, let me ask how you got that he implied that educated people haven’t accepted evolution from the article?

      I note that even seminary educated clergy generally do not receive science education. Further, ‘freedom’ is only as good as the populace, something our founders believed.

    2. Josh

      “Let me see if I can get the logic of this post straight”

      You didn’t.

      Goodness Mitch (Can I call you Mitch? I’m going to call you Mitch) I did not call for any of the things you accuse me of. I didn’t call for legal sanctions. I didn’t call for criminal sanctions. I simply stated that a modern society interested in the promotion of good scientific education should introduce structures to ensure social sanctions against pseudoscience. A Christian school should absolutely be allowed to teach whatever they want; that doesn’t mean that education should be recognized as legitimate by federally funded educational institutions. People are free to follow, believe and disseminate whatever nonsense they please. I have the corresponding freedom to advocate that nonsense is recognized for what it is.


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