1. Well done!

    While I haven’t independently checked any of this, I am familiar enough with Mark’s writing style to see that you have been consistent with his tone and delivery. While I understand the value and attraction of polished English translations, this tends to gloss over the human distinctiveness of the original authors. I think it’s more instructive of the texts themselves if we quit trying to make them look and sound so perfect and present the text in its rawest readable form. So thanks for this effort!

    1. Polycarp

      Thanks, Steve, that means a great deal! When studying Mark, I found a wonderful distinctive quality missing in translations, and according to Tradition, Mark wrote and Peter preached. In my mind, at least, Christ was always with Peter, always in the Present. So why not show it a bit?


  2. Hi Joel, that’s a very impressive piece of work. Compliments. How would you feel about translating the “o estes” of Mark 3:17 with “that is to say” in stead of “which means”? Boanerges is very difficult to translate into Sons of Thunder. It seems to be a paraphrase.


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