1. Please pass this on to Joel Watts – Thanks

    Oct. 21, 2009, you stated that you had completed the first 5 chapters of Mark. Where can I locate them on the Internet? If not available on the web, could you send them to me on an e-mail? In fact, I already seen your translation on Philemon, however I am interested in ALL of your biblical translation work. I want to list the bibliographical data on them in my up-coming Bible Bibliography.

    In your browser type in my name as shown above in quote marks and you will receive around 5-6 pages of hits. You will easily find my 1st edition which is still in print after 21 years. It had set a new standard for Bible Bibliographies.

    Thanks for your help.


    1. William, if you don’t mind, let me work on this and I’ll send you what I have soon. I do appreciate your help in getting Philemon out. And Mark is my favorite book, of course.


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