A few good links

I’m in the habit of posting a few links I found interesting, normally on a Monday. I try for an eclectic mix and have to admit that just because I link, it doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with it.

So here goes and as always, comments welcome:

Think Theology – Why the New Athesits are winning

The Jubilee Centre – Christianity: the true humanism by Jon Thompson

Huffington Post: Charles J. Reid, Jr. – Against Apocalypticism

Believer’s Brain – Flat-Pack Furniture and the Body of Christ

Accepting Abundance – Unmoved Mover for Unmoved Doubters

The Alethiophile – A christian response to trolling, Part 1: Trolls and what Peter said – (Part 2)

Epiphenom – In Mauritius, religious locations increase generosity

Black White and Gray – The Top 11 from ’12: an Exceptional Year of Religious Research Studies in Sociology

Science and Religion Today – Why Do We Tend to Exaggerate How Much Liberals and Conservatives Differ Morally?

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