A Challenge to Young Earth Creationists

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Young Earth Creationists frequently complain that science can’t really tell us much about the distant past because it relies too much on unproven assumptions. However, whilst some details may be unknown, there are multiple independent lines of evidence that all point to a scientifically undeniable conclusion that the YEC version of the planet’s history (as inspired by the Bible notably the early chapters of Genesis) is utterly incorrect and that Earth is very old. Even if a YEC suggests that scientists have failed to ‘add God’ to the mix, that cannot magically eliminate or disprove the conclusion that the Genesis account – taken literally without any embellishment or ‘reinterpretation’ – of precisely how every major aspect of the natural world came to be has been undermined, probably fatally. That of course does not prove the Bible totally unreliable or Christianity false – though it does I believe raise a question about God’s power, knowledge and truthfulness (assuming he exists).

However YECs still insist that a 6,000 year old Earth (and universe), and a catastrophic worldwide flood inundation around 4,500 years’ ago, both ‘have’ to be true if Christianity is true – which of course they say it is.

My question is this. Could and would ANYTHING falsify your claim that mainstream science is ‘wrong’ over these two issues? If so, can you suggest any examples? Any scientific hypothesis has to be potentially falsifiable. If it is not potentially falsifiable then it is not really science but simply faith-inspired dogma – and therefore it should NEVER be taught to anybody as part of ‘science’ in any school or other formal educational setting (including by parents when ‘home-schooling’ their children).

If there really was a global flood only 4,500 years’ ago I would not expect to find this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15749757

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Mr A Haworth-Roberts

Guest Blogger

2 thoughts on “A Challenge to Young Earth Creationists

  1. I’m not going to leave a comment at the mentioned site, because you have to register, and I waste enough time on blogs. Anyway, I found one person’s comment funny, Tim, “I guess if you had a time machine and could take me back 1 million years then we could talk”….but there is a time machine. Called a telescope. I assume if he can accept the fact that the speed of light in a vacuum is a constant (a verifiable fact). Then when he looks at the Andromeda Galaxy, he is witnessing something that happened 2.5 million years ago. But looking at blogs on this subject, it is totally a waste of time “discussing” this with YEC’s. I also find, at least in Tim’s case, that his definition of a real “Christian”, a definition that excludes people that believe in a old earth, is no different than what the Phasisees believed about poor people, gentiles, and Jesus. I’d call them self-righteous bigots.

  2. I emailed some YECs about supernovae fairly recently. But these ‘lovers of science’ didn’t seem keen on discussing them…

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