1. Those people lived as we. The recognition that God is, and is to be set apart as “other”.

    Every day I wake to remember three things: The One who is spoken of as “Holy, Holy, Holy”, the marvel of my status before His Holy Throne by the Glory of Jesus, and the utter depravity of the world in which I find my breath.

    The calling to proclaim God, and all His Holy ways is first among men as our purpose. We proclaim to ourselves, then to others.

    Oh! How God’s people long for the place of promise. How we yearn that others would live and not die. And how deeply we seek that His peace would return as it was before the creation’s fall.

    With all sincerity, may God bless you with the fullness of Grace intended for His Glory through you.

    By His Grace.


    1. Thank you, Dr. Barber – I had wanted to do more with the DSS, but this semester has been a rather long one.


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