1. newtaste

    How many believe it is 2012?

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  2. Seroled

    No, there is no correlation whatsoever.As usual it's the rally cry of the so called conservative Christian right using Jesus' name again.You know those hijackers of the faith, who hold their Judeo-Christian values (whatever that means)

    It's always immigration issues with these folks.Sadly most of them are not Christians though they have done a great job in persuading most Americans that they speak for the church as a whole and for Christ.

    I found this interesting i think a new definition of what ' white ' is may be in order?



  3. What dooms the US or any nation is turning their hearts away from God, which is completely independent of skin color, and the US is a long ways down this path. I've talked with quite a few people who identify themselves as Christians from various cultures on this issue, and received roughly the same percentage and type of responses from everyone. If there is a 'special' date from a numeric standpoint (and I'm not suggesting there is or isn't), it would probably be related to the Jewish calendar, not the Gentile/Roman one.


  4. Rory, how often we forget about that Jewish calender – to which I completely agree with you


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