40 days of purpose

Joel and Julia A’Bell of Hillsong inviting everyone to join their:

This is 40 days of purpose, using the Purpose Driven Life, in order to fast and pray and believe for God to add many people to His kingdom leading up to Easter 2011.

Worth doing, or not? I have a copy of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life that I still haven’t opened …


Living the dream, in Sydney.

3 thoughts on “40 days of purpose

  1. No, thanks. One of my churches decided a few years ago that PDL was the best thing ever, and we should all read it. So I tried. I really tried. In the end I gave up, and read something else instead. I found it turgid and sterile.

    Of course, that could just be me, and you might thoroughly enjoy it. Just sayin’…

    1. Rev Tony.

      The 40 days of purpose was meant to be done as a group / congregation and not as a individual read. Our church worked through it as a congregation. The result saw 90% of the congregation remain and continue meeting in small groups. We saw people who were on the fringes of our congregation come and join in; and through this became integrated into the congregation. We saw first time commitments and even believers baptisms happen as a result

      Are there issues with the book. Sure there is…the same as any other. But in saying this; I like the book and God worked in that congregation to really build community.

      I can’t speak for what is happening at Hill Song; it seems that Joel is calling people to read it and pray and fast at the same time…I”m not sure that is the intended purpose of the book.

      1. Joel sees the online community who decide to do it in Facebook, Twitter etc as a group, I think. I’ll see if he has more to say before it starts as to how it works.

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