Christians MUST protest this

Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah, known as Abu Islam, was shown in two videos posted online desecrating the Christian Bible. In one video, Abdullah stood before a large crowd and ripped up the holy book. In the second video, he told the camera, “Next time I will urinate on it.”

via Egypt to Hold Rare Blasphemy Trial for Man Who Tore Up Bible.

Egypt is going to try him for blasphemy.

Christians – well, most of us – do not consider Scripture an idol not able to be harmed. This is a freedom of speech issue – so, let us reconcile first.

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8 thoughts on “Christians MUST protest this

  1. Even in tearing up a Bible True Believers are not to sin in response. We are to follow the Biblical instruction to treat others as we would like to be treated; to pray for those who do evil; to do good to them; love our neighbors as ourselves; and to forgive .

    it is a different belief with different teachings which require different responses than the Muslim faith.

    we do not need to protest, we pray and act like Jesus commanded.

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