Move over Carrier – let a real scientist show you how it’s done

This is an incredibly interesting use of statistical analysis. Generally, when people try and prove the historicity of myth, it’s down to archaeological and historical evidence. But this? Using statistical analysis to compare how close to reality the character interactions are? That’s pretty freaking cool.

via How Ancient Epics are Just Like Modern Social Networks.

I haven’t read the article yet – but I will. From the summation, I think it points to some known facts about Peter, Andrew, James, and John… and Jesus.

By the way – the paper is based on complexity, along the lines of Game Theory. I’ll focus on that a bit later.

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4 thoughts on “Move over Carrier – let a real scientist show you how it’s done

    • I have. I have carrier’s article saved for a later date. odd that someone without actual background in the subject and basing his theory on something he doesn’t understand would dare to call out anyone with actual accreditation and understanding.

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