There has never been any real evidence for evolution – no ‘caught in the act’ evidence

Well… until now…

Scientists have caught the process of evolution in action as a species of Australian lizard abandons egg-laying for live births.

The variety of skink, which is snake-like with four tiny legs, has been found laying eggs along the coast of New South Wales.

However, the same yellow-bellied three-toed lizard living in the colder mountainous region is giving birth to offspring like a mammal does. (here)

God is still creating… contrary to the deists…

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6 thoughts on “There has never been any real evidence for evolution – no ‘caught in the act’ evidence

  1. I don’t know how the skinks in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, give birth. Just see them sometimes on the path or the grass.

  2. Unfortunately, to a YECer, this only points to microevolution (the kind God sovereignly allows), not macroevolution (the kind that godless liberals and Darwinists believe in).

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