The Eucharist Flashmob – Awesome, but the #UMC could do a better one

No, I’m not trying to start a religious war… but you know…. we do have an open table…


Anyway, great stuff!

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12 thoughts on The Eucharist Flashmob – Awesome, but the #UMC could do a better one

      • I understand that, but how does that fact mean that you’d do the Eucharist Flashmob event better?

          • I guess I don’t understand how that would make much of a difference to a public display of eucharistic adoration.

  1. Joel, forgive my ignorance, does UMC stand for United Methodist Church, and if so, so they have Eucharistic adoration like Roman Catholics do?

    • It does stand for the United Methodist Church, and as a whole, it does not have adoration, although I wouldn’t be too opposed to it, I reckon.

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