Sunday Thoughts – 2/28

Good thing this is not a Leap Year. Not sure I would want another day in February.

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Biblioblog Rankings – February 2010

Thanks to Jeremy for his brief seconds of laborious work: :)

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Patricia King takes Todd Bentley behind the woodshed?

…it was almost like an audible voice that he was told to marry a certain woman. And they were happily married and they had children…..They had gotten married by making vows and a covenant with each other before God and before man, in response to this word of the Lord that this man had had. And over the years this marriage got a little more uncomfortable. The wife wasn’t on board with the husband and instead of taking time to look after things at home, he looked after his own calling instead, and pursued that calling and got the praises of men and other women and started looking at other women, and started, you know, crossing boundaries on a number of occasions and started being unfaithful within his marriage. His wife still loved him and he decided ‘I want to get a divorce’ and his wife said ‘No, I don’t want one’. He separated from his wife and became involved with another woman and ended up divorcing his wife and marrying this other woman that he had had an affair with. [She becomes indignant] And then [now] he’s trying to get into front line ministry with an endorsement on that ministry saying everything’s fine. I can be divorced and remarried and have this work and it’s not a problem.”

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My Son and The Icicle

It has snowed since June here, or rather, it has felt that way. In my opinion, I think it is time to go preemptive and kill all the groundhogs. February 1st 2011 is the deadline….

This is a picture I took this morning on our back doorstep. The snow was 6 plus inches, but we do live on top of a mountain. This was the longest icicle.

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Iraqi Christians flee Mosul after attacks

Christian families in Iraq are fleeing the northern town of Mosul in droves after a string of unprovoked murders left at least 10 believers dead, a ministry working with persecuted churches have reported.

In less than two weeks, five Christian individuals, including two students, and a family of five were gunned down. The intense violence has struck deep fear in the tiny Christian community causing some 40 to 50 families, each with an average of five members, to flee Mosul in the past week, according to Open Doors, which has workers in Iraq.

Iraqi Christians flee Mosul after attacks.