What happens when you send a check to Kenneth Copeland

John had lost his job. Eighteen months later he applied for a job at a college and was waiting to find out if he got the job. His wife Patricia knew “John had always been a wonderful husband and a great provider, but through the Word of God I knew John was not our source. Our source was God”. Patricia had been to a Kenneth and Gloria Copeland convention.

This is it, Patricia thought as she opened her eyes July 3.
We should hear something today.
Patricia let out a long sigh as though she’d been holding her breath for days. It didn’t work out, she concluded. It was hard to celebrate Independence Day with the jaws of their financial needs threatening to swallow them. The next day, the situation took its toll on Patricia as discouragement swept over her. Lifting her eyes toward heaven she whispered, “What do we do now?”
Sow a seed.
The answer came so fast and with such clarity Patricia felt stunned. Sow a seed. The answer was so simple! Why hadn’t she thought to ask God sooner? Patricia wrote a check and walked it to the mailbox.

The next day, the phone rang. John listened, as the voice on the other end explained that he was one of two finalists for the college position he had applied for, and was offered the job. Looking back, John and Patricia realized the time he’d spent volunteering on the board of a university had been preparation for this position. John had sown seeds of time, energy and faithfulness into university soil, and Patricia had sown financial seed into the kingdom of God. Their seed produced fruit.

Full story: http://www.kcm.org.au/magazine

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13 thoughts on What happens when you send a check to Kenneth Copeland

  1. Well Kenneth Copeland offers a very good rate of 19.7 fold return seed blessing.

    I think that Creflo Dollar only offers 15.8 and Joel Osteen a mere 14.3.

    It’s worth keeping an eye on Rick Warren though, as there have been some rumours that he will up the ‘seed blessings return stakes’ this year.

    I would talk about Don Stewart, but he makes my skin crawl, so I can’t.

  2. In a letter to Copeland’s magazine:

    “The Holy Spirit prompted me to sow $100 into your ministry. I asked Him for confirmation through Scripture and He led me to Genesis 26:12. Five days later my property tax of $1,031.36 was paid. What a mighty God we serve! Your ministry on THE BLESSING has helped me very much. C.S. :: Texas”

    So CS claimed to get a return of 931.36%. (If I worked that out correctly!)

    • Wow. So, if the Federal Government gave Copeland like 2 Billion Dollars, than we could have 2 trillion returned to us? I say go for it!

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