1. Paul Sonderman

    Again, what we do is more important than what we say. Obama has been remarkably consistent with his pre-election statements. He’s set straight to work to deliver on promises made. Steady and strong, comfortable with who he is, he has no need to instill fear, bully and insist that staff sign loyalty oaths.

    On faith, I feel he’s a “big picture” Christian. To endorse torture, to ignore failing schools, to sweep poverty under the rug are inherently un-Christian behaviors.

    You can invoke Christ’s name until the second coming and if your behavior is out of step with his teachings, no matter what you say you believe or who you believe is your savior, IMO, you’re going to be surprised.

    He’s not an empty suit. I give his first 100 two thumbs up. And I think he’s honest about much more than just his faith.


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