1. Thank you!

      The LXX holds a great fascination for me, so anytime I get to explore it more, the better for me


  1. Thanks to each of you for your helpful comments. I’m working on this theme in a new book and have the following to offer for your criticism, if you have any to offer:
    “Eve’s recourse (αποστροφη) is now to her husband, who will rule over her. This word means “desire, recourse, or return”, different from the usual word for sexual desire (ἐπιστροφὴ). A few scholars of biblical Greek prefer clinging. The phrase bothered me enough that I dug deeper and learned that “Eve” is the same word as “life”. It is just as accurate to say Life’s return will be from her husband as it is to say Eve’s clinging will be to her husband. They were technically dead, but by desiring or clinging to her husband, he would put Life’s Recourse into her womb. It is an elegant play on words with a double meaning, and helps to explain why Eve thought that any of her sons could be the Messiah.”


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